good christian music?

Its like finding a leprechaun...riding a unicorn.  You know, good "Christian" music.

Well, its out there folks so don't stop looking.  This awesome blog is a great place to start: The Good Christian Music Blog The blog creators write: "If Gods Word challenges us, why shouldn’t His music do the same?"  It is a collection of excellent music spanning across multiple genres.  I honestly wanted to keep this little blog to myself and have people marvel at my uncanny ability to find good Jesus music, but its better to share.  So here have some.

past blogs

My Wordpress blog from 2008-12 as i started a new season of life in the ATL. In that season I youth pastored, studied, got engaged, won two fights, bought motorcycles, skydived, graduated, and got married.

My first blog from 2004-07 as a undergrad music student/youth pastor. remember eprops anyone? This is the time when I was skateboarding around Chicago with orange hair, started a fight club, lived in korea, made a ton of stupid mistakes, and found grace.  the past is embarrassing at times but i can't change it...even if I wanted to...I forgot the login info